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Makeup Artist Insurance

Freelancing as a makeup artist offers numerous benefits, such as flexible hours and locations, while allowing you to elevate your clients’ confidence for their cherished events.

A single instance of a client experiencing an adverse reaction to a product is all it takes for you to potentially bear the financial burden of compensating them for their expenses.
You have your ITEC qualification so now make sure you have your insurance.

Application of make up only

If you own a salon and need insurance cover for employers’ liability, theft of takings or personal injury, please call us for a quote.


Does this insurance cover me to teach?2021-07-16T21:08:29+00:00

None of our policies cover teaching/tutoring unless it is specifically noted on your certificate. If you need cover for teaching please call/email our office to discuss your options.

I am self-taught, can I get cover?2021-07-16T21:08:53+00:00

Unfortunately, not via our on-line portal. Please call our office to discuss our alternative insurance options.

Is my kit covered?2021-07-16T21:09:35+00:00

If you have purchased a policy through our online system your kit will not be covered. We do provide this type of cover. Please call our office to discuss your options.

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