Fleet Insurance

Keep Your Team Safe On The Road With Fleet Insurance

All vehicles insured

From vans and trucks to diggers and dumpers, Brian Mullins Insurance Brokers keeps your fleet safely on the move. Our Fleet insurance policies can cover five vehicles and upwards which have a proven four years’ fleet claims experience. Cover is provided for commercial vans, company cars, HGV’s, and special type vehicles such as diggers, dumpers and forklifts.


Our fleet insurance policies can provide cover on an annual or immediate declaration basis and our policies will provide open driving from aged 25 and above. We can also write insurance policies that will include cover for younger drivers upon request.

Equipment covered

Our coverage encompasses audio equipment and radio receivers or transmitters that are permanently attached to the vehicle. This extends to automatic coverage for attached trailers, with limited protection when detached for third-party situations. To elevate your safeguarding, our policies offer the option to upgrade and ensure comprehensive third-party damage, fire, and theft coverage for specified and unspecified trailers.

A fleet policy allows a mixture of vehicles with a mixture of cover types on one policy.


We provide the highest levels of customer services with local representatives around the country. Brian Mullins Insurance Brokers works in partnership with our clients to assist them in their risk management policies, fleet management and ultimately claims management in the event of a loss.

• Fleet policies from 5 vehicles with a proven 4-year fleet claims experience
• Open driving with 25 full licenses
• Windscreen cover and low excesses
• Policy on a declaration basis
• Additional benefits such as breakdown assistance available
• Driver’s handbook available with additional risk improvement programmes