Laser Therapy Insurance

BMIB can provide a bespoke insurance cover for you that ensures security against any risks as a cost-effective solution.

Laser Therapy Insurance

The purpose of laser and hair removal insurance is to protect both you and your business from the costly financial consequences of a mistake made by an employee. Laser treatment can be used to resolve issues such as hair removal, light therapy, skincare, teeth whitening and tattoo removal.

While improvements in laser technology have increased the safety of practices, accidents and injuries under the laser can, and do, happen. Even if you carry out the procedure correctly. These include:

  • Scars and blisters
  • Changes in skin colour
  • Redness and irritation
  • Eye injuries
  • Skin infections

If a customer experiences one of these side effects, they may decide to make a claim against you. BMIB will provide the cover needed to protect against a pay-out that could possibly amount to thousands.