Commercial Van Insurance

Delivering Great Commercial Van Insurance For You.

Third Party Cover

This commercial van insurance protects you from claims made by third parties for personal injury or property damage arising out of the use of your van. This is the minimum cover required to comply with the Road Traffic Act.

Third party, fire, and theft cover

In addition to third-party cover, this van insurance cover protects your van in the event of loss or damage arising from fire, theft, or attempted theft.

Comprehensive cover

The is the broadest protection we provide for van owners in Ireland. Our policy includes fire, theft, accidental damage, and windscreen cover.


• Quotations subject to holding as little as 3 years no claims bonus
• All types of vans and crew cabs covered
• Breakdown assistance and no claims bonus protection available on some policies
• Competitive premiums
• Private car no claims bonuses may be mirrored in certain circumstances
• Open driving policies available

Delivering the goods with commercial van insurance cover

If you’re a van owner that’s looking for high-quality yet affordable van insurance, we have the policy to deliver the goods for you.

Insuring your van or fleet?

Commercial van insurance is designed for those who use or drive vans and have goods in transit as part of their business.

Too often, owners choose the cheapest commercial van insurance just to keep costs down, but end up paying far more than they should have to when they discover their insurance policy doesn’t really cover much. For example, most commercial policies don’t cover theft or burglary, but a more comprehensive policy, such as the ones we offer, do. Hence, our policy provides most van-related coverages and may be better suited to your needs.

That’s one reason to consider BMIB Commercial Van Insurance – we cover fire, theft and accidental damage, and windscreen damage too!

Commercial vehicles of any size need protection

Protecting your business from financial loss is about more than just a policy – it’s about putting your mind at ease. 

The costs associated with transportation have rapidly increased in recent times, both in fuel prices and vehicle maintenance. This has resulted in increased costs for maintaining and operating a commercial vehicle before you even think about insurance.

Additionally, fire or theft could ruin your business in one day and leave you responsible for repairing or replacing your van and paying for personal injury or property damage that may have occurred.

This is another reason to get in touch with BMIB. Not only do we cover almost all types of damages in our policies, we offer different pricing for different packages so that you can choose what type of insurance fits your needs. 

Why choose us?

Top Tier Protection – Besides providing you with third-party cover, our policies include fire, theft, accidental damage, and windscreen cover.

All Types of Vans – We offer commercial van insurance for all commercial vans, from small vans to crew cabs – the latter of which can be challenging to cover in Ireland.

No-Nonsense Pricing – You get a competitive quote when making your purchase, with no surprises further down the line.

Flexibility – Insurance policies available to cater to your exact needs.

Third-Party Cover – Protection from claims made by third parties for personal injury or property damage arising from using your van.

Finding the right van insurance that provides peace of mind need not be challenging

Your team at BMIB understands how important peace of mind is when insuring your business, so we’ve made it our mission to deliver affordable commercial van insurance options that have you covered. 

Give us a call to talk about your commercial van insurance today!