Tattooing and body piercing have quickly become popular forms of self-expression throughout Ireland. Although both arts allow for fantastic creativity, they also pose risks that threaten your business. That is where Tattoo and Body Piercing Insurance steps in–providing you with all-inclusive protection against health risks and legal liabilities.

What is Tattoo and Body Piercing Insurance?

Tattoo and Body Piercing Insurance is designed specifically for businesses like yours. At Brian Mullins Insurance Brokers (BMIB), we provide comprehensive policies that meet the challenges unique to tattoo artists and body piercers.

What Are Our Policies Covered For?

Our policies offer robust protection in three critical areas.

  • Malpractice & Professional Liability: This policy protects against claims of negligence that cause physical injuries to clients.
  • Products Liability: Provides cover in case a product used during tattooing or piercing causes harm to a client.
  • Public Liability: Client Injuries: Accidents such as slips and falls during a tattooing or body piercing session that can result in injuries, leading to expensive compensation claims.

Benefits of Choosing BMIB for Your Insurance Needs

Partnering with Brian Mullins Insurance Brokers (BMIB) offers tailored insurance solutions that protect and enhance your beauty business:

  • Tailored Coverage: Custom-fit policies ensure that whether you specialise tattooing ot body piercing, you’re fully covered. We focus on what’s essential for your specific services, safeguarding against unique risks with comprehensive protection for medical and Professional Liability, Public Liability and Products Liability.
  • Expert Risk Management: Our expertise helps you maintain safety and compliance, minimising the likelihood of costly incidents and claims.
  • Efficient Processes: Quick, hassle-free setup and claims handling mean less paperwork and more time to focus on your clients. This efficiency enhances your business’s operation and client satisfaction.

Get Your Tattoo and Body Piercing Insurance at BMIB

Brian Mullins Insurance Brokers’ comprehensive Tattoo and Body Piercing insurance will protect your practice’s longevity and success, supporting its goals while sharing risks responsibly with us. We manage these risks for you so that your practice stays uninterrupted!

Secure your business’s future and maintain your focus on creating art with confidence. Contact BMIB today to discuss your Tattoo and Body Piercing Insurance needs, or buy your policy online.